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We deliver a varied and creative curriculum, allowing all our students the opportunities to flourish.

Through our teaching of transferable skills and strategies, we enable students to achieve in our subject and others, as well as in their lives after school.  We strive to create an atmosphere where students enjoy learning, so that they come to English lessons as active participants.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 English builds on the skills learned in Key Stage 2 and develops them in preparation for Key Stage 4.  These skills are based on the National Curriculum and include Reading for meaning, Writing, and Speaking and Listening.  Students develop their ability to understand how language is used to create specific effects, how characters are created and how themes are addressed through studying and exploring a range of plays, novels, poetry, texts from other cultures, media texts such as newspapers.  In addition we focus on developing writing skills for a variety of purposes including descriptive writing, narrative writing, poetry and transactional writing (letters, articles, reports, reviews etc).

There is also an 'Extended Learning' programme for students in Key Stage 3.  Read more about this on the Extended Learning web page

From September 2015 Y9 will become a transition year for GCSE and students will begin to follow the specifications for GCSE English and GCSE English Literature.

Key Stage 4

Students work towards obtaining two GCSEs: English and English Literature.  Building on the skills covered in Key Stage 3, students continue to develop their ability to analyse texts (both fiction and non-fiction) in a variety of ways, and to develop their writing skills.  In addition, Speaking and Listening is assessed as part of their GCSE.  In English Literature a variety of novels, plays and poetry are covered, once again focusing on developing skills in analysing the written word through context, theme and characterisation and exploring how writers use language to create meaning.

It is hopeful that from September 2015, students will be able to take GCSE Media Studies as an option in Y10 and 11.  We are currently awaiting updates from the exam boards as to the format of the new specification.

Key Stage 5

From September there will be a new Specification for A Level English Literature.  We use the WJEC exam board and the new format will be based around five Assessment Objectives which look to develop understanding of context and a student's ability to respond in depth to a range of texts.  Students are expected to explore connections across literary texts and consider different interpretations of ideas.

We also provide Film Studies as an A Level, which provides students with an insight into the creation process of film, in addition to producers and audiences.

It is also hoped that the Department will be able to offer BTEC Level 3 Media Studies from September 2015.

More information can be found in our Sixth Form web page.

Who we are

The English team consists of:

Mrs C Stoke (Head of Department and Teacher of English)

Mrs A Lownes (Second in Department and Teacher of English and Film Studies)

Miss D. Lister (Teacher of English)

Miss L Power (Assistant Leader in English and Teacher of English)

Miss S Ogle (Teacher of English and Drama)

Mr R Matheson (Teacher of English)

Miss K Field (Teacher of English)

Further Information

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the school curriculum please email: