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Humanities at Campsmount​

The Humanities Faculty consists of three departments History, Geography and EPS (Ethics Philosophy and Spirituality). 

These subjects are compulsory at Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 9), after which any can be studied as a GSCE and AS/A2 level.

We want all our students to be aware and make sense of the world in which they live, how the past effects the present and to promote tolerance and understanding of other beliefs and cultures.  These are essential skills that we strive to develop and that higher education and employers demand.

Our common aim, in line with that of the whole school, is to raise aspirations and increase achievement.  We have an incredibly dedicated and flexible team who are driven by enthusiasm, commitment, passion and co-operation in working together for the benefit of all students.

Who we are

Mr C Bentley - Head of Humanities

Mrs C Filippo - Head of Geography

Mr E Chapman - Head of History

Mr F Clinton- Teacher of History

Miss H Baker - Teacher of History

Miss M Winters - Teacher of EPS

For more information on each subject within our department please click on one of the following images:

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