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EPS at Campsmount

Ethics, Philosophy and Spirituality (EPS) is part of the Humanities faculty at Campsmount.

EPS prepares young people for adult life in multi-cultural Britain. It helps develop transferable literacy skills through writing, reading and discussion. It isn’t boring and based on reading religious books which are hundreds of years old!

EPS is about you, the people around you and the rest of the human race. It’s about figuring out who you are, what you think, who other people are and how you can fit into the world in the most positive way.

Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we focus on some of the world’s biggest religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and of course Christianity. We develop a better understanding of the traditions and beliefs within each of these religions and how these impact on the lives of believers.

Students are expected to increase their awareness of various cultures and demonstrate healthy levels of tolerance and empathy. They will be given the opportunity to explore their own beliefs and examine what has impacted on these. We will consider current affairs and ethical issues such as Fair Play in Sports, Drugs and Alcohol Addiction and Crime and Punishment.

Year 7: The origins of Christianity Spring: The death of Jesus Summer: The spread of Christianity

Year 8: Buddhism beliefs and teachings Spring: Muslims in Britain Summer: Hinduism beliefs and teachings

Year 9: Ethical choices drugs, alcohol and crime. Spring: Morality in Sport and War. Summer: Morality in Relationships and Family.

There is also an 'Extended Learning' programme for students in Key Stage 3.  Read more about this on the Extended Learning web page

Key stage 4

The GCSE EPS course allows students the opportunity to develop their own opinions and argue them appropriately as well as how to listen to and learn from the opinions of other people. We explore ethical issues such as animal rights, abortion, capital punishment, the divide between rich and poor and the use and abuse of drugs. In addition, we debate philosophical questions such as is there life after death? Does God exist?  What is the meaning of life? EPS is great for those who have an opinion and aren’t afraid to share it. For those who haven’t it could really help you work it out. The aim of the subject is not to provide students with all the answers to life’s big questions but to help them develop the passion to want to work them out!

Unit 1 Religion and Citizenship

Relationships, Sports and Leisure, Work, Multicultural Society, identity and Human Rights.

Unit 2 Religion and Life Issues

Animal Rights, Early Life, Prejudice and Discrimination, Planet Earth, War and Peace, Young People.

Unit 3 Religion and Morality

Medical Ethics, Elderly and Death, Drugs Abuse, Crime and Punishment, Rich and Poor in Britain, World Poverty.

Key Stage 5

No A Level currently offered in EPS.

Who we are

Miss M Winters - Teacher of EPS

Further Information

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