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History at Campsmount

History is a popular subject within the Humanities faculty.  The subject has three dedicated History specialists and our key aims are:

  • To encourage students to form substantiated opinions about key individuals and events in our past.
  • To enable students to form judgements supported by a wide variety of evaluated historical evidence.
  • For students to develop an analytical approach and assess the relative importance of key individuals and events.
  • For students to become independent learners and enquirers. 
  • To provide a stimulating and varied learning experience ensuring progress for all.

Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum has a wide variety of engaging units enabling students to develop their core historical skills. We investigate six key periods/events each year.

Year 7 - Autumn term: Skills based unit ‘What is History?’ followed by a detailed investigation into the Roman Empire.  Spring term:  Medieval England investigation followed by a study of the Vikings. Summer term: Tudor England investigation followed by a study ‘Great’ Britons.

Year 8  - Autumn term: Native Americans investigation followed by a study of seventeenth century England.  Spring term:  Industrial Revolution investigation followed by a study of Crime and Punishment in Victorian Britain. Summer term:  Battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo investigation followed by a study of the First World War. 

Year 9 - Autumn term: Civil Rights in the USA investigation followed by a study of the British Homefront during World War Two.  Spring term:  Assassination of President Kennedy investigation followed by a study of the Hiroshima Bomb. Summer term:  Holocaust investigation followed by a study of Terrorism

There is also an 'Extended Learning' programme for students in Key Stage 3.  Read more about this on the Extended Learning web page

Key Stage 4

OCR Modern World History B GCSE course.

Year 10 core content: the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War.  British depth study: Liberal Reforms, Women’s Suffrage and the British Homefront during the First World War.

Year 11:  Germany, 1918 – 45 and our Controlled Assessment. The course is assessed through three components, two examinations (2 hours and 1 ½ hours) with the Controlled Assessment representing 25% of the final grade.

Key Stage 5

OCR History A course.  English and American civil wars in addition to a thematic study of Ireland, 1798 – 1921.

Students also complete an independent investigation into the Vietnam War.

Who we are

Mr E Chapman (Head of History)

Miss F Clinton - Teacher of History

Miss H Baker - Teacher of History 

Further Information

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the school curriculum please email:

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