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ICT at Campsmount

The aim of the ICT department, at Campsmount, is to provide all students with the necessary ICT, Digital literacy and Computing skills to prepare them fully for life after Campsmount. Whether that is continuing with their education or in the world of work.

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Our key stage curriculum provides our students with a balance of ICT and computing skills. This begins with the principles of using the internet and email safely and responsibly, through to beginning to master generic office applications and finally looking at computer hardware, systems and basic programming. This provides our students a foundation which is built upon at key stage 4 & 5. In year 9 our students study the TLM Certificates in Open Systems and Enterprise qualification. This is a GCSE equivalent qualification which allows the opportunity for all of our students to gain an ICT level 2 qualification.

There is also an 'Extended Learning' programme for students in Key Stage 3.  Read more about this on the Extended Learning web page

Key Stage 4

As an option at key stage 4 we study the Cambridge National Certificate in ICT (GCSE Equivalent). Within this qualification students study how ICT is used in business, Understanding computer systems, Handling data using spreadsheets and databases. The course is assessed by both external exam and controlled assessment. The course builds upon skills learned in Key stage 3 and develops them further. This course provides students with an excellent range of ICT skills which can be further developed at key stage 5.

Key stage 5

At key stage 5 we study the Cambridge Technical Diploma in ICT. The course allows us to deliver a blend of units which includes units with a business focus, graphical design focus as well as technical focused units. Students are required to work both independently as well as in small groups to produce a portfolio of evidence for each unit. Each unit requires assessment

evidence which consists of both theoretical and practically produced work.

Who we are

Mr King – Head of ICT

Miss Darrington – Teacher of ICT

Mr Crompton - Teacher of ICT

Mr Staton - Teacher of ICT

Mr Macfarlane – Teacher of ICT

Further Information

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the school curriculum please email: