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​Leisure and Tourism at Campsmount

This subject is offered at KS4 as a single award option choice.  From Sept 2016 the examination grading system will be based on the new 1-8 system for students starting year 10.

The Edexcel GCSE course is delivered by Mrs Elmes. 1.jpg

The course comprises of two units of study.

Unit 1 -The Leisure and Tourism Industry

This unit is assessed by an external examination at the end of the two year course and is worth 40% of the final mark.

The topics studied include:

  • The Nature of the Leisure and Tourism Industry
  • Introduction to business operations in Leisure and Tourism 6.jpg
  • Factors influencing customer choice in Leisure and Tourism
  • Destinations, impacts and sustainability

All students complete internal assessments and pre-public examinations (PPE's) at regular intervals during the course on these topics and examples of past examination papers are used regularly to improve students' outcomes in examinations. Exam questions are used regulary in class and as homework. Homework is set on a weekly basis. Powerpoints used in class are also available on the school's Frog system to be used for revision purposes.

Unit 2 – Sales, promotions and Operations in Leisure and Tourism

This unit is assessed by four separate controlled assessments which are completed at regular intervals during the two year course. The four assessments are worth 60% of the final mark.  5.jpg

The four controlled assessments are based on the Dome Leisure Centre in Doncaster and students visit the Dome to speak to staff and customers in order to research and complete their controlled assessments.

The topics studied include:

  • The Aims of the Dome, its pricing strategies and the places it sells its products and services. (12 marks)
  • The target markets the Dome aims to attract and the promotional techniques and materials it uses. (18 marks)
  • Plan and design a piece of promotional material used by the Dome to attract a certain target market. (18 marks)
  • Research and present information on how new technology or technological change has affected the Dome. (12 marks)

The controlled assessments include a plan and an evaluation. Students complete two assessments in year 10 and two further assessments in year 11. 4.jpg

What skills will you develop
You will:

  • Gain a good understanding of the Leisure & Tourism industries which are two of the fastest growing industries in the UK.
  • Learn how to apply your learning to real life situations.
  • Follow a course that allows you to progress to employment or further education.
  • Develop key skills which are highly valued by both employers and colleges.
  • Gain greater confidence and develop your independent learning.

How will you learn? 2.jpg

You will learn through a variety of learning styles.  You will work independently or as part of a group. 

You will also gain more practical experience during visits to a number of different tourist attractions.

Further Information

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