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Extended Learning

At Campsmount we understand learning takes many forms and happens successfully both inside and outside of the classroom.  It is our belief that students should be encouraged to develop knowledge and understanding when and wherever possible and in ways which best suit them as individuals. Our homework policy reflects this.  Extended Learning Example.jpg

Throughout Key Stage 3 each subject area has prepared a document containing a range of tasks to assist students in making outstanding progress. The tasks are divided into two sections. Advance learning; materials to be read, watched or listened to in order to prepare for upcoming lessons and extended learning; tasks to complete in order to further the learning which has taken place within the classroom.

Students, alongside advice from families, may choose which tasks to complete in each subject area. New materials will be provided each half term based on the topics being studied. These are available on this web page. Printed copies will be available from the Pastoral Office.

In addition to this the Maths Department will be issuing a weekly skills based worksheet which all students must complete.

We have also produced an Extended Learning photo gallery, which contains just some of the examples of work our students have submitted.

As always we welcome the feedback on our work and encourage parents/guardians to comment on this initiative by emailing Miss Winters at