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Campsmount Crusaders - Games Club - Mr Matheson and Mr Chapman

Every Thursday 3-5pm, room P13

Every Monday lunchtime in room P13: MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh and small games/intro sessions.

Games club is one year old and has enjoyed considerable success last year with 20 regular attendees and sometimes up to 35 students. This club is IMG_3583.jpgabout all gaming that doesn't require a screen- a break away from technology and square eyes. We run a wide variety of games from old classics like chess and backgammon to modern family games like Monopoly to serious strategy games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Lords of Waterdeep. Whether board games, dice games, RPGs, war games (WH40K, Warmachine etc) or card games are your thing, whether you enjoy playing for your own glory or cooperatively, we cater for it all.

At the centre of our gaming club, having fun is most important. Students are taught rules and key life skills like patience, good sportsmanship, basic-to-advanced literacy and numeracy, along with working together with other people and communicating effectively…to mention a few. All this is learnt by having fun and socialising with other students they may never come into contact with otherwise. Students from all years groups (Year 7 up to 6th Form) mix and learn valuable lessons from each other.

IMG_3590.jpgWe are collecting the beginnings of a decent-sized gaming library already, but are always on the lookout for unwanted board games- so long as they have all the pieces- to provide a variety of choice for all abilities and interests. You do not have to BYO, but if there is a game that you received for Christmas and you're dying to play it/want to show it off (but don't know how), bring it in and we can figure out the rules together.

We have developed into a club large enough to begin regular tournaments, the first of which will be  a Magic the Gathering card tournament run by Ash, owner of Zone Out in Doncaster. This is something we hope will really take off and become a staple part of gaming club on a bi-weekly basis. At these tournaments, registered players can compete for exclusive promotional cards and a chance to gain tournament points in order to enter championship tournaments at both country and world level.IMG_3633.jpg

If you think you might be interested, but don't know where to start, come along to one of our Monday lunchtime sessions- here we play shorter games like Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh or Pokemon. It's the perfect opportunity to give a quick and cheap (depending on addiction) game a go.