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School Uniform
School uniform must be worn by our students. Some items are available to purchase direct from the school and are detailed below.  Please also note the 'not allowed' section below. 


Students are required to wear the Campsmount Blazer, worn at all times with sleeves rolled down.

A plain black v-neck jumper can be worn under the blazer during the winter months.

Blazers can be purchased direct from school at a cost of £24.


Students MUST wear a cotton-type plain white shirt or blouse.  These can be long or short sleeved.

The shirt/blouse must be long enough to be able to be tucked into trousers or a skirt. Shirts/blouses must button up to the top (up to the collar).


Students must wear a tie at all times.

Ties must be clipped over the fastened top button.

If taken off to play sport at lunch or break, the tie MUST be put back on before return to lesson.

Ties can be purchased direct from school at a cost of £6.

Trousers / Skirts

Trousers should be plain black and should not be jean-type material.  A helpful description would be 'suit-type material'.  If trousers have 'studs' on, they will deemed to be jeans.

They should be loose fitting and should not be 'skinny-fit'.

Trousers should take a belt so that students' underwear is not visible

Skirts may be worn by girls but must be of an appropriate length (ie knee length).

Skirts should be plain black and should be worn with plain black tights.


Students must wear 'sensible shoes' that are suitable and safe to wear around Campsmount and in lessons.

This means that shoes must be plain black, leather-type shoes.  There must not be any colourful trim on shoes.

Students must not wear trainers anywhere in the school buildings; but trainers can be worn to school,Compulsory-PE-Kit.jpg at break, at lunch and to go home.

Not Allowed

  • No extreme hairstyles or colours
  • False nails are not allowed
  • Nail polish is not allowed
  • No jewellery (other than a watch). Students must not wear any piercings or have body modifications
  • Minimal, discreet make up only.
  • Any juice, fizzy or energy drinks brought into school will be confiscated if the student is found consuming them on site. Our school promotes healthy eating choices! 

PE Kit

Our students are required to wear a uniform for PE. The PE Kit is black with white and gold trim and consists of a polo shirt, shorts and socks.  The polo shirt and shorts are embroidered with the Campsmount Performance logo and socks include the text ‘Campsmount’ (there is an order form on this page for purchasing any of these items):

  • Polo Shirt - £12
  • Football Shorts - £10
  • Football Socks - £4

The following items are not mandatory, but students can wear these if they wish.  These items are TO ORDER only:

  • Sports Fleece - £17
  • Track Trousers - £13