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​Campsmount STEM Club

STEM Club is for students who have a genuine interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and who would like to experiment with processes relating to these subjects.  The club, which runs each Monday afternoon at 3:10-4pm, aims to attract students interested in pursuing their studies in these areas and shows them real life applications of these subjects.DSCF2454.JPG

The activities, which are designed to be fun, give the students the opportunity to use equipment and tools outside of their normal lessons. Through the club it is hoped that the students would gain an understanding of how the subjects they study at the academy relate to the wider world and be helpful to them as they think about their own future careers.

Students have been involved in the following activities:

  • Sweet DNA strands
    Students received lots of sweets, toothpicks and wire and were shown how to make Sweet DNA strands.  The students did a great job and did well not to eat all of the sweets!
  • Jelly Baby Wave Machine
    Students built a jelly baby wave machine and learned about light waves, reflection and refraction. They then tested the wave machine by moving a jelly baby skewer at one end of the machine which set off a Mexican-wave of jelly babies across the length of tape.
  • Elephant Toothpaste
    Students received a demonstration of a volcano of foam, which is known as Elephants Toothpaste, and learned what happens when hydrogen peroxide is rapidly decomposed.   There were lots of gasps all round.
  • Ballon Driven Hovercraft
    Students blew up balloons and attached them to a CD. They watched as air escaped from the balloon which lifted the CD, creating a cushion between the CD and the table top. The winner of this competition, getting the balloon the furthest from the starting point, was Max Rusling.
  • Wind Turbines
    Students were involved in a competition to see who could make a wind turbine and lift a plastic cup with weights. The winner was Corey Newman-Mahoney.

Anyone interested in attending future STEM Clubs should contact Mr Murphy or Mrs Martin in the Science Department.