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Learning Mentors

Our Learning Mentors work with students to offer support. They listen, offer advice when needed and help students to make the most of their time at Campsmount.

Learning Mentors are not teachers. They like to be called and known by their first names—Jenny, Sally and Niki. They have a strong belief in supporting young people to achieve their true potential in whatever form that takes.

The Learning Mentors can help with: 

  • Organising time effectively e.g. getting homework done, revising
  • If students are getting behind in lots of lessons 
  • If students are finding it hard to get on with their peers  
  • If students feel as though they're always in trouble 
  • If students find it difficult to attend school daily
  • If students are having problems out of school and it is affecting their work  
  • If students have only just started at Campsmount and would like help settling in
  • If students are returning to school after a long absence

There are a few ways that students can get to see our Learning Mentors:

  • They can request it themselves! Speaking to their Head of Year about this
  • Teachers can make a request
  • Parents can request this on behalf of their son or daughter by speaking to their Head of Year or the Learning Mentors directly (please use the main school telephone number)
  • On a Tuesday and Thursday a drop in session is available for all students if they would like to call in

Our Learning Mentors have produced a series of leaflets which provide advice and guidance to students, parents and guardians. Please use the following links to download them.

Student Leaflets

alternatives to self harm-s.pdf

anger management-s.pdf

anorexia nervosa-s.pdf 

bad breath.pdf

binge eating disorder-s.pdf

body odour.pdf

brain gym-s.pdf


coping with grief and loss.pdf

exam stress and how to beat it.pdf

feeling suicidal.pdf

hand washing.pdf

healing emotional and psychological trauma.pdf

helping someone with an eating disorder.pdf

how to improve your memory.pdf

how to quit smoking.pdf

how to stop worrying.pdf

improving emotional health.pdf

maintaining genital hygiene.pdf

menstrual hygiene.pdf


phobias and fears.pdf

relaxation techniques for stress relief.pdf


self harm.pdf

sleep disorders and problems.pdf

staying safe with your mobile phone.pdf

stress management.pdf

tips for getting better sleep.pdf

understanding and coping with the loss of a pet.pdf

understanding sleep.pdf

understanding stress.pdf

washing and bathing.pdf

when families change and move on.pdf

Parent Leaflets


attachment disorders and reactive attachment disorder.pdf

cant sleep.pdf

child safety.pdf

childhood obesity and overweight children.pdf

children and divorce.pdf

encouraging better behaviour.pdf

generalised anxiety disorder.pdf

healthy eating.pdf

how to treat headlice.pdf

internet and computer addiction.pdf

living with teenagers.pdf

parenting child with learning difficulties.pdf

quick stress relief.pdf

separation anxiety disorder.pdf

sexual exploitation.pdf

stepparenting and blended families.pdf

supporting a grieving person.pdf

teen depression.pdf

teenagers in abusive relationships.pdf

the dangers of sexting.pdf

tips for divorced parents.pdf