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Campsmount Academy's Year 11 Prom 2017

There is plenty of excitement around Campsmount as the Year 11 Prom has now been officially launched.

The event will take place on Monday 3rd July at the Kings Croft Hotel, Pontefract. Students are expected to make their own transport arrangements to and from the venue, arriving there between 6:45pm-7:15pm and departing by 11:30pm.

The price of a Prom ticket is £30, this covers the cost of the venue, a disco, a buffet and a soft drink on arrival. Students will need money to buy any extra soft drinks during the evening. A leavers Hoodie is priced at £20 and a Yearbook costs £12. Payment cards are available from Mrs Pippard in the Pastoral Office, deadline for payment is Friday 31st March.

All Year 11 are invited to attend the Prom, however students are aware that they run the risk of losing their place if any of the following occur:

  • Their attendance and punctuality to school is a cause for concern, attendance should be 95% or above.
  • They are excluded from school for any reason.
  • Their behaviour and attitude to learning is a cause for concern.
  • They fail to fulfil their GCSE/BTEC course requirements i.e. controlled assessment, homework, meeting deadlines etc.

The end of year Prom is a significant event in our school calendar which celebrates the journey our students have taken at school and rewards all of their hard work and commitment.

Previous years events have been well attended and a real success. Students have always been a credit to the school.  We ask you to note that we enforce a strict no alcohol policy, any student who does not adhere to this policy will need to be collected from the venue.

We look forward to sharing this enjoyable evening with our Year 11 students.