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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy


A key part of the Post 16 curriculum, ASPIRE days introduce you to key information, advice and guidance to support you in this stage of your education. 

A range of activities will take place involving visits off site and welcoming experts into school to share important information.


Dates for ASPIRE days 2021-22

Aspire day Date Theme
1 Tuesday 12th October Team work:  Physical and Mental
2 Monday 6th December

Planning for progression:

Y12 explore the options after Post 16.

Y13 applications to UCAS/Apprenticeships and careers meetings

3 Thursday 10th February Developing Independence and Resilience: Study Focus Day
4 Wednesday 16th March Developing Independence and Resilience: Study Focus Day or Visit York and successfully explore and navigate the city
5 Wednesday 4th May

Y12: Planning for progression - University visit

Y13: Exam Preparation. Block revision

6 Monday 4th July (Sports Day - Post 16 to work with PE Team to support) Team work and Leadership


Aspire Day 1 - 12/10/2021

Can you find your next team task? One seeing students communicating clearly to the rest of the team.

Staying safe on the stairs..well done team leader!

Working together to move the containers...don't step in the circle!

Still manhandling the barrels and in the background don't loose any water.