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France Football Tour

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Doug and Chip the Ducks

April 10, 2014 in Front Page News by Mr M Fletcher

After great anticipation we have movement and progression with our second batch of Kahki Campbell duck eggs.

Doug (Named by K.Sayles) hatched over night (9/10/14) and Chip (Named by G.Smith) is breaking through his shell as I type.

Dougie               Chip


Updates later today

Campsmount Science


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Rock Challenge 2014

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The Global Rock Challenge

Say What!!!!!! 3rd Place Campsmount Academy

The premise of the Rock Challenge is that each school puts together an 8-min dance and drama production on a theme of their choice set to a soundtrack of commercially available music. Over the course of months/weeks schools create their production and finally bring it to an event day held at a professional venue where they spend the day rehearsing and preparing for an evening show where parents, peers, community members, and invited guests attend. During the evening, a panel of judges give feedback and also scores each piece based on criteria.
The core message of the Rock Challenge is to show young people how they can achieve a ‘natural high’ on life.
Campsmount’s event was on the 2nd April in Bradford at St Georges Hall. We arrived at around 10am as we entered the building we were set upon by a conga line created by the other schools, this eventually lead into the morning production meeting were all schools are to come into the main auditorium and have fun, dancing alongside the other schools to popular music and copy the Rock challenge team that are on stage
All schools are encouraged to support the other schools while they are doing a Technical rehearsal as it is not always possible for performing schools to watch the evening performance. It shows what can and will be achieved in future performances.
After our technical rehearsal at around 3.50pm there was an evening production meeting were the Rock Challenge staff ask all school staff to get upon stage and perform for their students Mrs Taylor and Miss Hiorns went up on stage to perform the likes of ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘What does the fox say’, along with an air guitar competition, At this point Mr Broad was nowhere to be seen he was lucky.
By the time this had finished all students from all performing school had to go to their dressing rooms to get ready for the evening performance.
The day was a blast with an amazing ending the school Won 3rd place out of the seven schools that competed. To be placed in the competition is very hard as many school take it very seriously and have competed for 10-12 years or more, but to be a new school and coming 3rd is a massive achievement. The school also won the following 5 awards, these awards are given if you have a score of 8 or more out of 10 in the category.

Achievement of excellence in Drama
Achievement of excellence in soundtrack
Achievement of excellence in Costuming Character
Achievement of excellence in Entertainment
Achievement of excellence in Concept

Massive congratulations to all involved in Rock challenge you have made the school proud.


Hade’s was content being God of the underworld until he learned that Brother Zeus had a beautiful daughter called Persephone that resided on Earth.

Hade’s said to Zeus ‘She will be my wife for all eternity or Earth will be destroyed’.

Panic sets in. Demeter the Harvest goddess, Persephone’s mother is devastated and tries to help, what will Persephone decide?


Rock Challenge 2014 from Campsmount on Vimeo.


Florida Netball Tour 2014

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Follow the Netball Tour to Florida 2014


Reminder – Germany Trip

April 8, 2014 in Front Page News by Campsmount

Can all students going to Germany please remember that the balance is due by Thursday 10th April. Please also bring in your completed consent forms.


Mrs R High


Campsmount Pyramid Eurovision Dance Contest 2014

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Campsmount Eurovision Dance Contest 2014 2 2-SD (480p) from Campsmount on Vimeo.

This year’s dance show took place on Wednesday 19th March and was the biggest and best we have seen at Campsmount and it was the second event to be showcased in our new school building. We sold out all tickets within two weeks of them going on sale and we had a record high 178 performers taking part. The night was a great success with some amazing dance being showcased from Campsmount students and our fantastic junior schools; Norton Juniors, Kirk Smeaton and Askern Spa Juniors. It also saw for the first time a fantastic opening performance from all 4 Infant feeder schools Askern Littlemoor Children’s Centre, Askern Moss Road, Kirk Smeaton and Norton Infants and this was very cleverly choreographed to 4 different movies from Disney.

The theme of the evening was Movies and we had some fantastic routines showing a great interpretation of this theme. With dances from Movies like Mission Impossible, Pitch Perfect, Exorcist and Austin Powers just to name a few. The evening finished with an amazing closing performance including all the Campsmount girls doing Burlesque. In the end it was an extremely close competition and it went down to the last judge to decide the winning country. It was a battle between the Campsmount girls performing to Pitch Perfect representing the country Cyprus, which was fantastic as this was actually the girls own choreography and Kirk Smeaton performing to Mission Impossible representing Ireland. However for the third year running a junior school took the title and stole the show and they beat Campsmount to take the title again. They had obviously worked extremely hard alongside their choreographer Sue Brierley to produce a brilliant number and their interpretation of the movie was amazing. The winning dance group from Kirk Smeaton will now enjoy a fantastic day out at Doncaster College, later in the year. The children will take part in three very different dance sessions, where they will be taught dance techniques within that genre of dance to then perform at the end of the session.

This year also saw a staff performance to a medley of Abba songs, as a tribute to the movie Mamma Mia. I am extremely proud of all staff that took part, particularly those that haven’t danced that much in their lives before and for wearing the costumes which were purchased for them. 

We now have extremely successful street dance and cheerleading clubs that have high numbers of representation across the school years. This is largely down to the commitment of the students and teachers involved as well as our amazing dance teacher Bekki Dyas who never fails to inspire the students with creative and challenging dance routines.  Dance at Campsmount and in our feeder schools grows year on year.  

A big thank you must go to all staff who took part on the night and all the staff and students behind the scenes who worked extremely hard to make this year’s Eurovision Dance Contest the best one yet, I thought last years could not be beat, however it keeps happening year on year.

Well done to all students involved!

Mrs C.Knowland (Campsmount School Sports Co-ordinator/PE Teacher)

16 Mar 2013 2-HD (1080p) (1) from Campsmount on Vimeo.


Florida Netball Tour 2014

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Just over two years ago saw us starting to plan a Netball Tour to Florida at Easter in 2014 and now after all of this time, we are less than a week away to taking our students on this amazing once in a lifetime tour of the United States of America.

All staff and students taking part in the tour have worked extremely hard over the last few years to raise enough funds for the trip, to give our students a fantastic selection of kit to wear on tour and secure those well-needed direct flights with the amazing airline British Airways. I would like to thank all those people involved who have helped to make this possible whether that be through assisting with our various fundraising events or helping to sponsor us. As you will see the girls look extremely smart in their match kit, which has all been supplied by Kukri.

Whilst away on tour the girls will have the opportunity to play three fixtures per squad and they have been split into a competitive squad and recreational squad, playing both a variety of schools and clubs whilst in Miami. In addition to this the students will also be visiting South Beach and the Everglades whilst in Miami. They will then travel down to Orlando where they will visit Universal Islands of Adventure, Wet ‘n’ Wild and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Then finishing the tour with a quick stop off at Mall @ the Millenia.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the girls the best of luck on tour and thank them for all their hard work and dedication to training and fundraising over the past few years and express how proud I am of them all.

Please keep tuned in from this week to follow ‘Cover it Live’ which will show regular updates of all of the tour party whilst over in the United States of America. You can also add any comments or good luck messages via this link for our students.

Mrs C. Knowland (Campsmount School Sports Coordinator/PE Teacher)




Year 7 & 8 Doncaster Girls Football Finals

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On Thursday 3rd April, the Year 7 & 8 girls football team played in the Doncaster finals held at Balby Carr. They had 5 games to play on finals night and after winning 3 and drawing 2 they were crowned Doncaster champions. Darsey Faulkner scored 3 match winning goals but each member of the team played their part in the success. A massive congratulations and well done to all the team!

Mrs Wheeler and Miss O’Grady.


Ducklings at Campsmount

April 2, 2014 in Front Page News by Mr M Fletcher

In previous years the Campsmount Science Department have hatched and reared chickens and ducklings which have gone to thrive on small holdings through the friends or parents of Campsmount. We do this not only as a personal experience for staff and students, but for pupils to be able to experience the development of eggs and animals, along with helping pupils who wish to go on to take animal care or similar courses at college or beyond.

Over the past 4 weeks we have been incubating Kahki Campbell duck eggs. On Monday 31st March we had our first hatchling. Until the duckling is a little older his/her sex is undeterminable so bear with us as we find out.

Day1: After a struggle to break free of his egg Miss Peet took him/her home where he was fed and watered and rested for the majority of the evening. Apart from a 3am wake up he/she was as good as gold.

7am    2pm   4.30pm

Day 2: Looking a lot healthier and fluffier, and louder! The duckling was starting to get to his feet and stumble about his new world:

Day 2

Day 3: As he/she gets more stable on his feet, now positively running about, we decided to test his swimming skills. His first ‘bath’ was a success, no fear here! (He took to it like a water off a ducks back!)

First Bath

Day 4: A deep bath!

We also have 3 more prospective hatchlings due to arrive next week (8/4/14) which we will keep you updated with!

UPDATE: Week 2

As Chris gets a lot bigger over the weekend he’s starting to branch out and become more confident in everything he does. From balancing on one leg, grooming himself, jumping around his pen and making it known when he wants something!

Through the week he has met some new faces. Pupils are turning up during lunch times in their braces (collective name for ducks)

A few highlights of Chris’ week:

Big bath time:     – Trying to teach him to be able to get in and out of a potential pond

Grooming and oiling:     – Ducks oil their wings and bodies to waterproof themselves from the water.

Meeting Woody:   – His first encounter with anything duck shaped or duck like.



AC day 6 – Year 7

April 2, 2014 in Front Page News by Campsmount

For AC day on Tuesday 8th April, students should come to school in their PE kit in order to take part in an activity. Students will remain in their PE kit for the AC day.

Thank you
Mrs Elmes