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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Students 'take over' Campsmount

On Thursday 4th July a group of 30 students at Campsmount Academy were given the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of members of staff for the day.  

Students had the chance to gain a valuable insight into the roles of teachers and support staff throughout the school in our third annual Takeover Challenge. 

This year the personal development and character opportunity was made available to all KS3 students by a process of application.  They were required to outline the role they wanted to take over, the skills and interests they possessed that made them a suitable candidate as well as what they wanted to gain from their experience.  

Here are a few extracts from their applications:

‘I would appreciate the chance to understand the demands and challenges faced by teachers in developing intriguing and engaging lessons whilst achieving focussed learning outcomes’.

‘The leadership experience will provide opportunities for developing planning and organisational skills’.

‘I want to get a confidence boost and I feel that by meeting new people it would be an effective way of doing this’.

‘It would be an insight in the job community and an experience of a lifetime’.

‘I would like to share my knowledge to help develop a sustainable future’.

‘I hope to help people to think out of the box’.

‘If I was to be given this opportunity I would like to grow in confidence and find a louder more confident voice’.

On the day itself, students assumed their new roles and responsibilities across a wide range of positions including Sport Centre Managers, Catering team, English, History and Art teachers to name but a few.  Many thanks to the staff for their support throughout the day it was much appreciated by all participants.

Watch this space for student and staff feedback about their experience.