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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Aspire Day One - Truly Great Students

ASPIRE day 1 for our 2019-2020 academic year gave our students the opportunity to explore the opportunities and skills that they need to develop to become truly great students.

Students in all years had the opportunity to explore a range of different areas, these are listed below.

Year 7 had sessions that were focussed towards building positive relationships. They built time capsules so that they could store memories that they can look back on later in life. They also had an assembly delivered by South Yorkshire Police aimed at highlighting the issues surrounding social media and how to stay safe online.
Year 8 built their START careers profile and explored the opportunities advailble to them after Year 11. They too listened to an assembly delivered by South Yorkshire Police who highlighted the issues surrounding social media and how to stay safe online.
Year 9 had the Duke of Edinburgh launch event and started on their skills development. This included; Crafts, Magic, Circus skills, Astronomy, Gardening and Agriculture.
Year 10 received a PUSH talk aimed at motivation. They also had a lesson from South Yorkshire police who delivered employability session.
Year 11's day focussed on preparing them for their examination year. This included a session on the HEPPSY bus surrounding exam stress.
Year 12 visited the University of Huddersfield to look at University Life and Higher level Qualifications.
Year 13 created personal statements for their UCAS applications.
Throughout the academic year we hold a number of Aspire days.  Staff plan a range of exciting activities that are educational, fun and also provide our students with an opportunity to experience a wider understanding of the outside world. 
A huge thank you to our students for their enthusiasm throughout the day and to our external visitors for supporting us.