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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Presentation Evening 2019

We celebrated the success of our students at our annual presentation evening.

Our 2019 Presentation Event took place on Thursday 14th November to give recognition to students who have excelled in certain subject areas, and to reward special effort made over the previous academic year. Lot of our students and their families attended, including ex-Campsmount students, who came to collect their exam certificates.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award, they really do deserve the praise. It was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the achievements of so many of our wonderful students.

We are delighted to share with you a selection of our Presentation Evening photographs. The names of students who have received an award is also on this web page. 

Key Stage 3 Subject Awards

Maths - Kizzy  Robinson 

English - Kinsley  Beazley 

History - Sam Mundy 

Geography - Fynley Deere 

EPS - Libby  Januszkiewicz 

MFL - Benjamin Holmes 

Science - Jessica Bowler 

Food Technology - Isabelle Roberts 

Technology - Sian Webb 

Art - Elise Ramsay 

PE - Jay Mathieson 

ICT - Charlie Waugh 

Music - Jessica  Rayner 

Drama - Erin  Barker 

GCSE Subject Awards

Maths - Teagan Appleby 

English - Liam Massey 

History - Amelia Hutchinson 

Geography - Ethan  Balaban 

EPS - Katie Smith 

MFL - Erin  Lenane-Jones 

Science - James Edwards 

Chemistry -  Scarlett Williams 

Biology - Maddison Tearney 

Physics - Sam Jones 

Food Technology - Jordan Potter 

Technology / Engineering - Lewis Davison 

Art - Olivia  Sayles 

PE - Sam Jones 

Dance - Alysha Hobson 

ICT - Maisy Adams 

Health & Social Care - Katie Robinson 

Music - Daniel Holmes 

Business - Jess Warris 

Drama - Katie Jones 

Post 16 Subject Awards

Maths - Bradley Rowley 

English - Rhys Elder

History - Rebecca Hall

Vocational Science - Kelsey Brewster

Chemistry - Natasha Hall

Biology - Kirsty Pollard

Physics - Desislava Ivanova  

Art - Chloe Coulthard

PE - Jade Walker

ICT - Bailey Williams  

Music - Kayla  McAvoy

Business - Marcio Ildefonso

Dance - Leah Swatten

Accordion Title

Transition Award for Progress - Ava Laverick

Transition Award for ATL - Betty Coberman

Transition Award Character - Ellis Ward

Transition Award Outstanding Contribution - Daniel Crick

Year 7 Award for Progress - Chen Chen

Year 7 Award for ATL - Taylor Reed

Year 7 Award Character - Evie Eastwood

Year 7 Award Outstanding Contribution - Tilly Green

Year 8 Award for Progress - Jess Bowler

Year 8 Award for ATL - Heidi Hughes

Year 8 Award Character - Alfie Laverick

Year 8 Award Outstanding Contribution - Phoebe Baxter

Year 9 Award for Progress - Emily Lumley

Year 9 Award for ATL - James Warris

Year 9 Award Character - Mitchel Wilson

Year 9 Award Outstanding Contribution - Fraser Watson

Year 10 Award for ATL - Amy Wilson

Year 10 Award Character - Darren Hepworth

Year 10 Award Outstanding Contribution - Ellie-Mae Gillece

Year 11 Award for Progress - Maddison Tearney

Year 11 Award for ATL - Owen Elmore

Year 11 Award Character - Alysha Hobson

Year 11 Award Outstanding Contribution - Giulia Mule

Academy Awards

Endeavour Award for Key Stage 3 - Fraser Watson

Endeavour Award for Key Stage 4 - Keegan Dixon

Russell Group Award for Key Stage 3 - Jessica Crick

Russell Group Award for Key Stage 4 - Sian Webb

Learning Mentor Special Achievement Key Stage 3 -  Ami Rae Hennigan

Learning Mentor Special Achievement Key Stage 4 - Lily-May Dodd

Outstanding Academic Achievement Key Stage 3 - Benjamin Holmes

Outstanding Academic Achievement Key Stage 4 - Erin  Lenane-Jones

Outstanding Academic Achievement Key Stage 5 - Bradley Rowley

Outstanding Academic Achievement Key Stage 5 - Desislava Ivanova

The Ethan Saunders' Values Award - Amatullah Salau-Deen

Principals Award for Contribution to the Academy Key Stage 3 - Kallum Garbutt

Principals Award for Contribution to the Academy Key Stage 4 - James Edwards

Principals Award for Contribution to the Academy Key Stage 5 - Chloe Coulthard

Chair of Governors Award for Overall Contribution to the Academy - Jaylen Tracey