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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

A Message from our Principal

A very ‘Happy New Year’ to students, parents and all in the Campsmount family. 

The new decade provides many exciting opportunities and it is very strange to think that by the end of the next decade our students will be well into their adult life in a range of careers and potentially with families of their own! The purpose of education is to provide all our students with the skills and qualifications to make a real success of their lives in whatever they want to do. We’ve had a real focus this last year in developing the ‘character’ of our students alongside the exam outcomes so that they are able to thrive in an ever changing world. It is always amazing when we have visits and hear from former students who are making a massive difference to the world and enjoying what they are doing. As schools we must ensure that we support students socially and mentally as well as academically and develop well rounded, young adults.

Achieving this ambition is not the role of the school alone and of course comes from excellent relationships with parents. Again this has been a continual focus for Campsmount as we seek to improve communication and relationships with parents. Research is very clear that successful students are supported by a positive and active home to school partnership. I am pleased to say that attendance at both events and parents’ evenings has increased considerably this last year and that through the use of our websites, parentmail and twitter we have been able to share more and more of the success stories at Campsmount. I would encourage all parents to ensure they regularly visit these areas as it really demonstrates the ‘buzz’ around school.

It may also sound incredibly simplistic that research highlights the link between student attendance, attitude to learning, behaviour and their eventual success. We are very ambitious regarding student attendance and ensuring that all students are in school to access as many learning opportunities as possible. Obviously there are times when young people get ill, however we are seeing more and more holidays taken during school time which is having not only a negative impact on student attendance (one of the key bits of information requested on references) but also on their performance. During the calendar year we have also implemented strategies to improve the attitude to learning of all students with much success, as we continue to be the school with the lowest exclusions within Doncaster. However, we are continually reviewing this area and the positive relationships with parents are crucial. During the end of the last term we made some adjustments to the school day to ensure that we minimise the time students are queuing at lunchtime and support them pastorally by placing PLL (or form time) at the end of the day. Following some initial issues this has been a very positive change for all. It was great to see students embrace these changes so well.

As you are aware, Campsmount Academy is now part of Leger Education Trust, which is a Multi-Academy Trust that includes Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy, Askern Moss Road Infant Academy, and Spa Academy Askern. This has been very exciting as we have worked closely with local schools and developed a real community approach. As part of this, we have successfully recruited parents and members of the local community to the governance of both the Trust and the Academies. These governors are able to both support and challenge leaders in the schools and ensure a high quality of education is provided.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank parents for the many positive emails we have received over the last academic year; and the staff for being completely committed to our students. If you have any feedback or if you have any queries, please contact the Academy who can support you further.

Best regards for the New Year,

Adam Dale

Principal and CEO