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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Brilliant Club Scholars Programme 2019/2020

Congratulations to all of our Brilliant Club Scholars Graduates on their achievements this half term, they were out of this world!

‘Is there anybody out there? Life in the Universe’

With the support of their PhD tutor, Katie Marshall, they all rose to the level of academic challenge and pressures of studying such a complex yet intriguing subject.  They were required to ‘think hard’, work hard and ask questions beyond the realms of the day-to-day curriculum displaying levels of independence, resilience and perseverance the likes of which they would not have believed they possessed before starting this programme.  100% of our students graduated the programme with at least a 2:2 degree equivalent qualification whilst some achieved the illusive 1st equivalent in their final 2000 word assignment. 

A special mention and thanks also to needs to go to our Spokes Scholars, Evie Robson and Jessica Crick, who both grasped the opportunity to address their peers, parents, families and friends at the graduation with short extracts from their final assignment.  A real character development opportunity speaking in front of 100’s that were in attendance and an absolute credit to Campsmount.

If there is anybody out there, we’ve had our best brains trying to unpick the various possibilities and permutations so watch this space! 

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