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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Every Day Counts!

The relationship between student, school and parents is cruitial for the success of a young person!

We know that one of the single biggest contributions that parents can make to their child’s education is to send them to school every day. The impact of attendance on results is clear and this has recently been shown in a letter that was sent to all our parents. Students with attendance above 95% achieve the best results! 

A student with below 90% attendance is legally defined as persistently absent from school and it is impossible for a student to catch up on this amount of lost learning time. We do of course, realise that there are at times absences which are unavoidable, however:

Every Day Counts:

  • 95% attendance = 8½ school days or 51 lessons missed (secondary school)
  • 90% attendance = 19 school days or 114 lessons missed (secondary school)

As a parent, please support your child in the following ways:

  • Do not book holidays in term time. Students attend school for 190 days per year, leaving 175 non-school days
  • Do not book routine medical appointments during the school day
  • Do not allow your child to stay at home with a headache or other minor illness
  • Contact the Academy if your child does not want to attend, we have staff to support them

We have recently made adjustments to the school day, and as a result students go straight into lessons at 8:35am. Therefore, students who are late miss crucial learning time as well as interrupting the learning of others by entering the classroom late.

Our students know that they need to be committed to their own learning. We ask parents to be committed to sending them to school every day and on time; Every Day Counts!

Please find attached information regarding what to do if your child is absent and if you require additional information please contact your child’s progress leader at school.