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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Absence and Attendance

If a student is absent from school then parents should phone the attendance line: 01302 700002 option 1 and leave a message by 08.30am. This should include the student name, registration group and a reason for absence. A telephone call is expected each day a student is absent. Please note that messages via Parent Mail or email will no longer be processed and the only form of absence notification is via the answer phone service. Please do not contact reception as they are busy dealing with other enquiries. For absences that extend to a week (5 school days) or more, some form of medical evidence is required; this can be in the form of a Doctor's/walk-in centre note, copy of a prescription or sight of prescribed medication. 

Medical Appointments: A full day’s absence will not be authorised for a medical appointment. Parents should arrange all appointments outside the school day. If the appointment is unavoidable, a child must come to school before and after the appointment. Any full day’s absence will be marked as unauthorised. 

Attendance Issues

The majority of students attend school regularly and find it an enjoyable experience. However, some students do have some attendance difficulties for many different reasons.  Our Attendance Officer can help in this area when/if needed. 

Holiday during Term Time

As a parent/carer you are strongly urged to avoid taking your child out of school during term time. Please note the following before applying for leave of absence from school: 

From September 2013 the Department of Education announced an amendment to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006, removing the Principal's ability to authorise leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

If you believe that there are exceptional circumstances that warrant the need to take your child out of school during term time, please complete the 'Leave of Absence' form which is available on this page or from Reception at Campsmount. Return your completed form to school, providing at least 10 school days notice, where circumstances allow. A letter will be sent to parent/carers in response to the application for leave, to confirm the school's decision. 

Our stance at Campsmount is that requests for holidays in term time will NOT be authorised. If you take your child on holiday during term time, without the authorisation of the Principal, the Principal will make a request to the local authority to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice.  If a Fixed Penalty Notice is issued, the penalty is £60 per child, per parent/carer when the payment is made within 21 days, after 28 days it will increase to £120. Failure to pay within 28 days will result in a summons to appear before the Magistrates Court on the grounds that the parent/carer has failed to secure their child's regular attendance at school.  Please note that a separate Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued to each parent for each child and all monies are payable to the Local Authority.