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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Advanced and Extended Learning

Why do we promote Advance and Extended Learning?

At Campsmount we understand learning takes many forms and happens successfully both inside and outside of the classroom.  It is our belief that students should be encouraged to develop a thirst for knowledge and understanding alongside developing skills and attributes such as Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Independence and Communication (LORIC skills) when and wherever possible and in ways which best suit them as individuals. 

Teachers will ensure:

The tasks or projects are designed and presented to meet one or more of the following key principles:

* Embed – consolidate learning that has taken place in the classroom, e.g. revision for assessment or learning key knowledge.

* Practice – refine knowledge and procedures learnt in the classroom based on feedback from the teacher, e.g. DIRT activities.

* Extend – move learning beyond what has been achieved in the classroom, e.g. adding breadth to their existing knowledge.

* Apply – use learning from the classroom to complete a specific task, e.g. writing a practice exam question based on content covered in a lesson

Our current approaches to Advance and Extended Learning at Campsmount include:

Extended Learning Booklets

* Tasks that consolidate and further develop the learning through subject specific extended learning booklets and ‘bookable’ pre/post school intervention.

Advance and Flipped Learning

* Subject specific materials provided to be read, watched or listened to (E.g. Tassomai) in order to prepare for upcoming lessons possibly to be delivered by students to other students.  Additional materials can be accessed through hyperlinks attached to our online ‘menus’.

 ‘Talk about it’ tasks

* A statement based on a topical event or current curriculum content that is taken home and 'talked about' with families and then developed further through discussion in school.

Throughout every key stage subjects have their own individual approach to Advance and Extended Learning which best reflects individual student, departmental and whole school needs and priorities. Departments will ensure the tasks are meaningful, interesting and worthwhile and will also determine the amount of work required and the due date.

Please see the individual subject specific examples, available as attachments on this web page.

General Guidance

To promote independence and organisation students are required to record a summary of their Advance or Extended Learning task as well the due date in their planners. This will enable both students and parents/carers to review and support them in successfully meeting their deadlines.  Where possible and practicable tasks will be made available electronically on frog as a result of a direct request from our students as well as part of our push to operate more sustainably.

As always, we welcome the feedback on our work and enourage parental comments on this initiative. Please contact us at school.