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Why do we promote Campsmount LEARN?

Campsmount Academy develops students to be confident, independent and resilient in all aspects of their knowledge and skills. To support and enhance the excellent learning experiences students have every lesson, every day, Campsmount LEARN further develops our students’ learning beyond the classroom. 

Why will students be set Campsmount LEARN Tasks? 

The learning and development of skills students experience in lessons take time to embed. Engaging with our LEARN tasks will enhance student learning experiences alongside developing the skills of time management, independence, resilience, problem solving and self management and organisation. The tasks will also enable parents to gain an insight into their child’s curriculum. Our teachers will set you tasks that help students to: 

  • LINK learning across lessons and topics. 

  • EMBED learning. Students learn so many new things each day we need to help them remember as much as they can. 

  • APPLY learning so students are well-prepared for any upcoming tests, assessments or PPEs. 

  • REPEAT older knowledge and skills so it stays in students' long term memory. 

  • NEW KNOWLEDGE is a way of students finding things out ahead of a lesson so they feel prepared and can be successful in the next lesson. 

How will Campsmount LEARN Tasks be set? 

Teachers will set students tasks as assignments on Microsoft Teams. This may be: 

  • a quiz,  

  • a linked word document,  

  • a class notebook link,  

  • a clickview video link,  

  • or they may be asked to upload a piece of work to the task. 

Students then ‘TURN IN’ their work for the teacher to review. This will be recorded in each teacher mark book on Teams. 


How often will my child be set Campsmount LEARN Tasks? 


KS3 Year 7, 8, 9 

KS4 Year 10, 11 

KS5 Year 12, 13 


Once a week 

At least once a week 



Once a week 

At least once a week 



Once a fortnight 

Once a week in each Science subject 


All other subjects/Options subjects 

At least 2 pieces per half term 

At least once a fortnight 

Every lesson an expectation will be made in developing and consolidating students’ learning further 


How long will Campsmount LEARN Tasks take? 

This will depend on the type of task. A quiz may take 10-15 minutes, but a revision task may take 30 minutes or longer. 

Older students in KS4 can expect their tasks to take more time than those assigned in KS3. 

KS5 students have independent blocks of time to complete tasks and prepare for future lessons. For every 50 minute lesson a KS5 student should spend 50 minutes looking back over the learning and completing any set tasks as a minimum. 


How will students benefit from completing Campsmount LEARN Tasks? 

Students will find their recall and understanding continues to improve. This will help to boost their confidence in lessons and any assessments they complete and over time their grades will improve. 

Positive engagement will see teachers awarding Campsmount Achievement Points which contribute to whole school awards. 

General Guidance

To promote independence and organisation students are required to record their Campsmount LEARN tasks as well the due date in their planners. This will enable both students and parents/carers to review and support them in successfully meeting their deadlines.  Students will also have access to an overview of their Campsmount LEARN tasks on Microsoft Teams.

Please feel free to watch the video linked to this page and access the guides attached for more information.

As always, we welcome the feedback on our work and enourage parental comments on this initiative. Please contact us at school.