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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Midgley - Principal

I am currently the Principal at Campsmount Academy and have extensive experience of school leadership and change management covering the range of whole school development areas, including teaching & learning, behaviour & attitudes and whole school standards. I am a qualified SENDCo and have a Masters in Education which I have been able to put into practice in both International and UK education. I am experienced in leading teams to become the best version of themselves, realising their potential.

Mr Broad - Vice Principal

My name is Mr. Broad and I am Vice Principal at Campsmount Academy. I joined Campsmount in 2013 as a head of faculty and in 2016 I joined the school's senior leadership team. As Vice Principal, one of my main roles involves working closely with Year 11, making sure all students have an excellent experience in their final year of education at Campsmount and leave school with the best grades possible. Quite literally, helping to create the best version of our students today, for their success tomorrow.

Mrs Moreton - Assistant Principal

My name is Mrs Moreton. I am an Assistant Principal at Campsmount Academy responsible for curriculum and assessment. This includes implementing strategies that seek to improve students' reading and literacy skills. I am also responsible for developing teaching and learning across the academy. My subject specialism is English and for the past 5 years I have proudly led the English team. I am currently working closely with other schools in our Trust to support our continued drive to improve English outcomes. If you have any questions relating to your child's progress, reading age or more generally what lessons look like at Campsmount, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  

Miss Hudson - Assistant Principal

After over 20 years of working with Campsmount students and their families in a range of roles, I presently oversee Post 16 and all subjects that are vocational and practically based. Campsmount LEARN homework and data are my whole school responsibilities to support students in securing positive outcomes. 

Mr Wilson - Assistant Principal

My name is Mr. Wilson, and I've had the privilege of being a part of the Campsmount family since 2016. Initially, I joined as the Head of Science, but over time, I've taken on a range of responsibilities. Currently, I serve as a member of the senior leadership team, holding the positions of Designated Safeguarding Lead and Attendance Lead. My journey here has been filled with growth and dedication to the school's vision “Creating the best version of you today, for success tomorrow”. I look forward to continuing to work with all stake holders at Campsmount Academy and the wider community. 

Mr Chapman - Assistant Principal

My name is Mr Chapman and it has been a privilege to have worked at Campsmount since 2002. I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles over the years, as a teacher of History, Progress Leader and Head of Department. From 2016 I have been part of the academy Senior Leadership Team as Assistant Principal, previously as SENDCo and now as Inclusion Lead. I look forward to continuing to supporting students in our community.

Mr Bentley - Assistant Principal

Since becoming a teacher of Geography over 20 years ago, I have worked in a number of schools across South Yorkshire. I joined Campsmount in 2013 as head of Humanities and have since moved into the role of Assistant Principal for Behaviour and Attitudes. In this role, I uphold the Academy ethos and I believe that all students have a right to work in a calm, supportive and purposeful school environment in order to become the best version of themselves today for success tomorrow. I am privileged to lead the pastoral team and support teaching staff in promoting the highest standards of behaviour as well devising a range of rewards to acknowledge and value student’s efforts and achievements through our thriving House system. 

Mrs Wilson - Associate Assistant Principal

My name is Mrs Wilson and I have been a part of the Campsmount team since 2005. My role has changed many times over the years, starting as a Learning Mentor, then becoming the Lead Teacher of Health and Social Care before moving into leadership positions. I became part of Middle Leadership through leading vocational education and the Post 16 pastoral team, where I now work closely with other schools in the Trust to promote and maintain excellent provision for Post 16 students in particular. I recently became part of the Senior Leadership Team as Associate Assistant Principal, with a focus on developing community engagement, and look forward to working more closely with members of our local community.

Mr Pitman - Associate Assistant Principal

My name is Mr Pitman and I have been a part of the Campsmount team since September 2019, having worked in various secondary schools in London and South Yorkshire in various middle leadership roles. My current role is Head of PE and Performance which includes Dance, Drama, Music and PE. This year I have moved into the Senior Leadership Team as an Associate Assistant Principal. I am looking forward to contributing to the wider school development and providing our students the opportunity to be the best version of themselves, for success tomorrow.

Progress Leaders

Mrs Elmes - Year 7 Progress Leader

My name is Mrs Elmes. I have worked at Campsmount Academy for over 25 years. I teach Modern Foreign Languages and am the lead teacher of Travel and Tourism for Key stage 4. Alongside this, I am the Progress Leader for Year 7 and Transition lead, supporting the exciting transition of students from Year 6 at their primary school, to Year 7 at Campsmount.

Miss Lindley - Year 8 Progress Leader

Hello.....I am Miss Lindley, the Progress Leader for Year 8. I look forward to supporting our Year 8 students and their families through their school journey here at Campsmount. I have been a PE Teacher for 17 years and a Progress Leader for six years. I always aim to support students in aiming for excellence, being resilient and enjoying all the opportunities their education will bring them! With a healthy competitive spirit, together Year 8 can reach the top!

Mrs Bentley - Year 9 Progress Leader

I have worked at Campsmount since 2014, following completion of my ITT placement as a History teacher, and I completed my NQT year here too. Within the following three years, I was the lead for Wider Learning which enabled me to support students to develop their character alongside their education. In 2018, I was successfully appointed as Progress Leader which is a role I held for 2 years before I took a break to expand my family. I returned to being a History teacher in 2021, and I am proud to say that I was successfully reappointed as a Progress Leader in 2022. 

Mr Makings - Year 10 Progress Leader

My name is Mr Makings and I have been a part of the Campsmount Team since 2016. My role has changed over the years at Campsmount, starting as primarily a teacher of science and then becoming part of the pastoral team in 2018 as a progress leader. 

Mrs Millar - Year 11 Progress Leader

I'm Mrs Millar, and I came to Campsmount as a student before returning as a member of staff. I am a teacher of ICT, alongside being the Progress Leader for Y11. This is now my 7th year teaching, and my 5th year being a Progress Leader, which I thoroughly enjoy. 

Heads of Department 

Miss Lister - Director of English

My name is Miss Lister and I have been a part of Campsmount since 2015. I joined as an English teacher and then became the Assistant Leader of English. Since September 2023, I became the Director of English for Campsmount and I oversee English lessons from Key Stage 3 – Key Stage 5.

Mrs Chapman - Director of Maths

My name is Mrs Chapman. I began my Campsmount journey in 2001 as a newly qualified teacher. During this time, I have undertaken different roles both at Campsmount as well as other supporting schools in Doncaster as an Advanced Skills Teacher and a Specialist Leader of Education. I am currently in the role of Director of Maths at Campsmount, developing our team to support students in achieving their potential in Mathematics. 

Mrs Bailey - Head of Science

My name is Mrs Bailey and I am the Head of Science at Campsmount. I started at Campsmount as a newly qualified teacher in 2017 and became part of the Middle Leadership Team in 2022. I am responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Science curriculum across all key stages.

Mrs Phillips - Head of DT

My name is Mrs Phillips; I started at Campsmount in 2005 during my teacher training. After I had completed my PGCE, I secured a fulltime role within the DT department, I am a specialist in DT, Graphics and Engineering, however I have taught many subjects out of the DT department in my time here. My role has evolved over the years, becoming 2nd in DT to being Lead of the DT faculty, which encompasses all aspects of DT, Art, Catering, Engineering and Construction. I have always thoroughly enjoyed being a part of "Team Campsmount".

Mr King - Head of ICT 

My name is Mr King and I was the first specialist ICT teacher employed by Campsmount way back in 2001. Since then, I have moved onto becoming head of ICT and Business. I love the challenge of ICT as our curriculum and qualifications constantly change as new technology becomes part of our every day lives, and am looking to our next development into offering GCSE Computer Science in 2024.

Mrs Reith - Head of Humanities 

My name is Mrs Reith and I have been a part of the Campsmount Team since 2016. My role has changed many times over the years, starting as a teacher of history and then becoming part of the Middle Leadership Team as an assistant lead of Humanities, to now being the Head of Humanities.

Mr Henderson - Assistant Leader of Humanities

My name is Mr. Henderson and I have been at Campsmount for around 5 years. I am currently Assistant Leader of Humanities and Coaching Lead in the Academy. I am really proud to work with our community and I love this school. I am passionate about improving teaching and learning to enable every member of the school community to be the best version of themselves.

Attendance Team 

Mrs Drobac - Attendance and Welfare Manager

My name is Mrs Drobac and I am the Attendance and Welfare Manager. I have been a part of the Campsmount Team since 2021. My role is to ensure the well-being and attendance of all our students. I am passionate about providing a safe and supportive environment, to promote student success and provide the necessary support when it's needed most.

Mrs Butterworth - Attendance Officer 

My name is Mrs Butterworth and I have been a part of the Campsmount Team since 2016. Prior to my employment at Campsmount I worked in Primary schools for 10 years whilst based in Germany. My role at Campsmount has changed many times over the years, starting as School Receptionist through to a challenging but rewarding position of Attendance Officer. 

Mrs McClarence - Attendance Officer 

My name is Mrs McClarence and I have been a part of the Campsmount Team since September 2023. I have previously worked at another academy in the area within attendance, and I am looking forward to the challenge of working within the attendance team at Campsmount.