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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Parents and Students

Information for Parents, Carers and Students

This section of the website provide information which is helpful to parents, guardians, students and to everyone associated with the school. 

Good communication, from the school to home and from home to school, is essential to helping ensure that students benefit as much as possible from their time at Campsmount.

Our staff and governors are determined to achieve excellent communication between the school, students, parents and carers.  An important step towards this is to ensure that there are lots of different ways of home/school communication and that these ways work.

If you have moved home once your child is at our school please tell us straight away!

Communication can take place through:

Home-School Agreement

An agreement, placing responsibilities on all concerned, that sets out what parents and students can expect from the school and what the school  expects from parents and students.

School Prospectus

This document, which provides an overview of the school and how your child will be part of it, is given to all parents and interested parties.

Student Planner

This home-school book, for you and his/her teacher to pass on messages, then we will give them a home-school book and ensure it is used.   If messages could be kept brief, that would be very helpful.

School Reports

Your child will receive an annual report and you will have the opportunity to discuss this with his/her tutor.

Annual Reviews

Every child has an annual review, involving school leaders and his/her tutor and others who may be of assistance.  You will be invited to this review and are strongly encouraged to attend.

Regular Parents’ Evenings

Your opportunity to come in to the school, meet the teachers and discuss your child’s progress.

School Newsletters

General news from the school about events and useful information, produced every half term.

Parentmail ©

News from the school direct to your inbox.  Register your e-mail address with the school to receive Parentmail.

Letters Home

If you don’t have access to a computer, no problem – a letter will be sent home with your child.

Phone Calls to and from Home

If anything urgent crops up during the day, we’ll call you.  And if there’s anything that you think we need to know about, please call us!


From time to time, we may ask you to complete a questionnaire seeking your view about things the school does or is considering doing.  We’d be grateful if you would find time to complete the form and send it back.

School Events

From the Christmas Fair to the school play, school events are a great way to meet staff and other parents and to learn more about what goes on at the school, as well as celebrate your child’s achievements.

Finally, if you feel that your experience of communicating with the school isn’t as good as you would wish, please contact us. We want your experience of Campsmount to be the very best it can be.