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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Safeguarding and Welfare

We want all of our students to feel that school is a happy, secure and safe place. If our students enjoy school, then they are successful happy learners.

At Campsmount we pride ourselves in having strong relationship between staff and students.  Our staff value students as individuals and real people, where respect is mutual.  

Our Pastoral System focuses on supporting all children and young people to ensure that they reach their full potential both in terms of their learning as well as their personal and social development.

Points of contact:

Form Tutor 

Your first point of contact is your son or daughters Form Tutor. This contact can be made through the use of their planner or a phone call to our main reception.

Should the contact be about attendance then your query should be directed to our Attendance Officer, Mrs A Dwight telephone 01302 700002 ext 148

If you are reporting your child's absence please ring the main school number on 01302 700002 (Option 1).

Heads of Year 

Leading the team of Form Tutors are our Heads of Year, they are:

  • Year 7 Progress Leader and Transition - Mrs K Elmes 
  • Year 8  Progress Leader -  Mrs Filippo 
  • Year 9 Progress Leader - Miss Davidson
  • Year 10 Progress Leader - Mr Makings
  • Year 11 Progress Leader - Miss Gitsham
  • Head of Post 16 - Miss D Hudson 

Learning Mentors 

Linking the services of outside agencies with our own in-house support and guidance are our Learning Mentors. Our Learning Mentors provide support not only for our students but for parents and carers. They are:

  • Jenny Parkinson
  • Sally Simpson
  • Toni Whaley
  • Lucy Simpson

School Safeguarding Officers

Ms E Browne

Campsmount Academy Principal

Mrs R Hartley

Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs J Parkinson

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Simpson

Assistant Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Mrs T Whaley

Learning Mentor

Miss L Simpson

Learning Mentor

Serious Safety Concerns:

If staff, parents or the general public have serious concerns about the welfare / safety of a child they can contact:

Reporting Bullying

Please visit our Anti-Bullying web page.

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