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Campsmount Academy

Campsmount Academy

Team and Information

Our Post 16 students are supported by the following people:

Miss Hudson Assistant Principal Post 16
Mrs Wilson  Assistant Pastoral Lead Post 16
Mrs Green Form Tutor
Mr Self Form Tutor and Careers Lead
Mrs Bentley Form Tutors
Miss Harrison Form Tutor


We ask that parents report the absence of their child. The procedure is the same as what they would have done in lower school in that we require a phone call on the day of each absence. In the case of a planned absence such as a hospital appointment, funeral or interview students are required to complete an absence slip and have this signed by the form tutor and handed to the Post 16 office. Students are required to make their own arrangements to collect any work missed. In cases of unplanned absence, the Post 16 team will endeavour to inform individual tutors of lessons affected.

Students who wish to request absence from a school day (including AC Days) must complete the Student Absence Request form linked here: Absence request form, to request approval.  Approval is dependent upon current attendance being at 95% as a minimum. 

Pastoral Support

Pastoral support is readily available should a student need this. They can contact any member of the Post 16 staff or any of our Pastoral Team. If you feel that your son or daughter’s happiness, well-being or progress is being affected by any our Post 16 Team are here to ensure that every students succeeds, whatever their worries.

Form Time Attendance

Form Time attendance is compulsory two mornings per week and makes up a student’s learning hours. They are also expected to attend assembly every Wednesday during form tutor time, which contributes to a full time course. It is important that every student attend so that we can track their progress, UCAS applications, careers advice needs, offer pastoral support etc. Students who choose not to attend form will find that their attendance figure greatly affected. Attendance figures are often requested from employers/universities when calling for references. Due to safeguarding and legal reasons, attendance records have to be marked as unauthorised absence if students fail to attend for any other reason than a planned absence or illness.

Study Sessions

These are compulsory and make up a student’s full time learning hours.  They are designed to support independent study, homework and can be used by Year 13 to complete their UCAS application, providing all work is up to date.  Students are asked to come prepared for study sessions. 

Post 16 forms 

To request an absence please complete the short form linked below:

Absence Request Form

To request to bring your vehicle onto the school site complete the short form linked below:

Request to bring your vehicle onto site

If you wish to bring your own device into Post 16 and log onto the school WiFi please download the form below, read and sign and return with the device details requested. Our IT team will process your form as soon as they are able.