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Knowledge Organisers

Welcome to Campsmount Academy's Knowledge Organiser page

Here you will find knowledge organisers for all subjects. 

The video below shows you how to use knowledge organisers effectively:


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Top Tips for using knowledge organisers to support self-quizzing:

On a regular basis your teacher will set sections of information that need to be revised from a knowledge organiser.
You will need to learn those sections ready for an in class quiz.
Here's some tips on how you can do this effectively:

Read through the first 5 items that you need to learn.

Try to read it at least 2 or 3 times.  
Cover up your knowledge organiser. Put it to one side or place a sheet over it. Don't look!

Write out as much as you can remember.

Using your pink pen, tick off what you've got right.

Make sure you write in anything you have forgotten in pink pen.
Make sure you correct anything you didn't get right in pink pen.

'Learning happens when people have to really think hard' Professor Robert Coe (2020)

Simply reading your notes, re-reading key texts, or even watching film versions are all examples of passive activities. Your brain doesn't have to work hard when completing these tasks. The more your brain has to actively go over and think about things, the harder it works. This trains the brain and supports you in developing long-term memory. The more easily you can remember basic knowledge, the more your brain will be free to think about how to best use that knowledge, inevitably improving the impact and effectiveness of revision. 

Year 11 Knowledge Organisers